About Our Facility

Indiana's Path to QUALITY rating system. 


About our Facility

Much like the many available rating services that help consumers locate higher quality goods and services, Paths to QUALITY gives parents a quality seal of approval they can look for when choosing care for their children.

It provides a tool they can use to locate Paths to QUALITY providers It provides an assurance that they are finding quality care for their children It provides a simple system to identify the level of care a provider offers, from basic health and safety needs of Level One to national accreditation of Level Four.

All Paths to QUALITY child care providers will receive a yearly visit to determine which of the four quality levels they offer children. Use the checklists on this web site to help you determine what level care you want for your child… or what level you think your current provider is offering.

The standards for Paths to QUALITY are consistent but tailored for family child care homes and for licensed centers and unlicensed registered ministries. Paths to QUALITY is a system where each level builds on the foundation of the previous one, resulting in significant quality improvements at each stage and resulting in national accreditation at the highest level. The four levels address:


LEVEL 1 - Health and Safety needs of children met                                                                              LEVEL 2 - Environment supports children's learning LEVEL 3 - Planned curriculum guides child development and school readiness
LEVEL 4 - National accreditation (the highest indicator of quality) is achieved

Where Futures Begin is a nationally accredited child care facility.  We are licensed through the State of Indiana.  Our capacity is 32 full-time children aged 6 weeks to 12 years of age.

You will find that our facility provides a supportive, nurturing, and safe atmosphere in which individual and cultural differences are valued.  Our curriculum is designed to reflect children's differing needs, interests and developmental levels.  We also recognize play as children's work.  It is through play that young children "make sense" of the world around them.  We want you to realize the importance of play and what your child is learning.

Enrollment in our program offers your child social experiences that might not be available to them in relationships with adults or siblings.  With many friends their own age, a child encounters lots of opportunities to negotiate and compromise.  Children are encouraged to express opinions and ideas, as well as to respect others.  Also, parent-school collaboration helps to insure that our program meets the needs of individual children and their families.

We are accredited by the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) and a Level 4 on
Indiana's Paths to QUALITY.  In order to become accredited, we had to meet criteria related to providing activities appropriate for young children, having well-qualified and trained staff, and having opportunities for parents to be involved in the program.



Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are my chances of getting in?

    It is impossible for us to tell you in advance "what your chances are" (although we are asked this ALL the time). It depends on the number of currently enrolled children who continue into the next "semester", therefore dictating how many openings we have for new children. The number of new children we enroll also depends on the types of schedules requested (part- or full-time) and space available in specific classroom. Once you turn in an application, your child's enrollment will start as soon as we have an opening.  Most enrollments are September of every year.  

  • Is your program a "preschool" or "child care facility"?

    We are not a "preschool" in the technical sense because we are open for a full day rather than just a few hours, nor do we simply provide "child care." To best describe it, we are a child care facility with a preschool component. You get the best of both worlds: full-time or part-time child care with snacks, lunch, and nap time, along with a developmentally appropriate learning environment. The teachers plan the curriculum by setting up various interest centers in the classroom (science table; dramatic play; blocks; puzzles; art; large motor; etc.). The children are free to explore and play within a structured, yet flexible, environment. It is our belief that children learn through play by becoming actively involved within their environment. For more information about the curriculum see our Curriculum and Parent Handbook.

  • Does my child have to take a nap?

    All children who are in attendance between 12:00-2:00 P.M. must rest quietly on a cot. During this rest time, the children can read books or have the teachers rub his/her back. Soothing music is also played during this time. We make every effort to accommodate children who truly need a nap as well as those who do not. All children, however, can benefit from a "rest time."

  • Do I have to pay for child care on days my child does not attend?  

  • Yes.  you are paying for your child's spot. We also bill for holidays and other days when the facility is closed.

  • Do I have to schedule an appointment to visit the center?

    Although parents of enrolled children are welcome to visit the center at any time, prospective parents should call first to schedule an appointment. This way you can be sure that someone will be available to talk with you and show you around the center.